About me

I am an artist based in Brno, Czech Republic. I specialize on book illustration and didactic illustration. I have finished my Master of Arts degree at the University of West Bohemia, faculty of Design and Arts of Ladislav Sutnar in the studio of Renáta Fučíková and Václav Šlajch.

I am passionate about fictional illustration and I usually choose traditional mediums. I prefer drawing colorful and positive or amusing images over dark or gory ones. Therefore I usually go for illustrating children´s books, but I do not make a rule out of it. I am currently working on my digital painting skills and I am exploring the world of UX design.

My works have been exhibited in the Czech Republic as well as countries all over the world including the USA, Japan, England, Croatia, Slovakia, South Korea and France. I have worked with several publishing houses including Portal, Epocha and Euromedia.

The atelier travels to foreign competitions, exhibitions and book fairs so I have an overview of europian and world illustration and books.

If you have a project that could use an illustrator, a story-driven graphic designer or a comics artist, be sure to write me. If you have some questions or even just want to tell me what you think about my work, send me a message here, or at itusa.illustration@gmail.com

You can also find me on Instagram