Bologna Children's Book Fair 2019

For the past few days you could have seen some of my books at the Sutnarka stand at the Children's Book Fair in Bologna, Italy. I am very excited to have been a part of one of the most important events in the illustrator world, this year even exhibiting my art, not just visiting.


Zagreb Exhibition

Today was the opening night of our exhibition in Zagreb in the Klovićevi dvori gallery. It was an exciting trip with a lot of sightseeing along the way.


Meetup about the project The Czech Woman 2020

First instance where we could see illustrations of other people for this project - it is around 150 illustrated speads! I am looking forward to working with Kateřina Tučková, Lucie Šavlíková, Nina Rutová and Jan van Woensel.


FRAME Festival

I represented our atelier at the international festival of comics and illustration FRAME in Prague. We had a stall where you could look at our books and a student would answer your questions about them.


The Good 100 exhibition, Pilsen

Today was the first day of the exhibition in Pilsen, the first chance to see the Good 100 in the Czech Republic.


The Good 100 exhibition, Washington DC

My works flew to Washington DC, USA for an exhibition at the Czech Embassy for the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Czechoslovakian Republic. The project´s name is The Good 100 and it points out good cultural, sports or science events in our country since 1918.


The Croatian Biennale of Illustration

My works were exhibited at the Seventh Croatian Biennale of Illustration. The theme was The City and I created a few illustrations with the inspiration of our trip to Bologna - "the Red City". As an atelier, we won a special award, so we will have our own exhibition at the start of next year and will be going to Zagreb for the opening!


Kojiki is done

The Kojiki book is all printed out and binded and I am glad I have decided on the japanese binding and red endpapers because it looks really beautiful.


Tales of Loss exhibition, Worchester

The exhibition Visual Statement in Worchester, England with the Tales of Loss theme has begun. I cooperated with Daniel Jones to create a collaborative poster.


Talking about our gamebook on live TV

We were on live TV talking about our gamebook! It was quite challenging as I had a pretty high fever, but it all worked out well in the end.

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Ten, kdo jiným jámu kopá gamebook publication

After succesfull publishing through two years ago, our gamebook went a long way through the Portal publishing house and finally is out in the bookshops! Thanks to Jan Holan and Martin Bartunek for this adventurous journey.


Trip to Bologna Children's Book Fair

Our atelier went to Bologna, Italy for the Bologna Children's Book Fair. I was inspired by the works of many illustrators across the world and left with several beautiful picture books. We also left our small portfolios on the "Illustratorswall" there. Mine was gone by the time we went home in the afternnon so I hope it at least makes someone happy. :)


Sutnar Shapes book published

The Sutnar Shapes book was published. It is a book tribute to a Czech designer Ladislav Sutnar. Our atelier took part in creating the content and I have several pages of illustrations in it.


Hořící kůň illustrations finished

After two months of work with the wonderful writers Frantiska Vrbenska and Lucie Lukacovicova, several illustrations for their book the Burning Horse (Hořící kůň) are finished. They will be used mostly for the promotion of the book, book trailer video and such. The cover is made by Zaneta Kortusova.

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Migrations exhibition started

I took part in Migrations Exhibition organized by the Biennal of Illustration Bratislava that starts in Bratislava, Slovakia and then circles around the world. The poster on the right is from South Korea.

"The exhibition seeks to focus attention on the plight of thousands of children and their families who, under oppressing regimes, violence and poverty, are forced to migrate to safer places in the world. There is an installation of 100-200 postcards by illustrators from across the world. The installation alone emphasizes that cultures and ideas migrate across borders, against barriers and bans made and issued by people. The installation is complemented with a set of illustrations by a team from alumni from the University of Worcester, the United Kingdom."